Lepidoptera of North America Network (LepNet): A Data Portal Documenting Diversity of Moths and Butterflies

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The LepNet data portal functions to integrate millions of occurrence records for Lepidoptera and serve data to global aggregators. The project is funded by the NSF-ADBC program ($3.2 million, 2016-2020) and currently includes 26 core museums and 6 partner museums distributed across the United States. We will accomplish the following goals by 2020:
  1. Digitize 1.7 million adult specimens and 58,524 larval vial records while integrating >1 million existing lepidopteran records, for a total of at least 2.7 million occurrence records.
  2. Produce high-resolution species exemplar images of 81,000 adult museum specimens representing at least 60% of the 14,300+ North American Lepidoptera species to enhance remote identifications and promote systematic and ecological research.
  3. Implement computer identification workflow (LepSnap) to exponentially increase capacity for identification of museum specimens and consequently promote imaging additional specimens.
  4. Develop smartphone applications via LepSnap for student researchers and volunteers to image cataloged specimens and add >160,000 images beyond the high-resolution species exemplars.
  5. Catalyse novel, data- and hypothesis-driven research advancing our understanding of the wide-ranging factors that influence the evolution and ecology of Lepidoptera and plant-herbivore interactions; within and across taxonomic and functional groups and spatial scales.
  6. Disseminate rich education-outreach content to students and the public through LepXPLOR.
LepNet shares the same database as Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN), which serves occurrence data and images for all arthropods. Both are built on Symbiota, a web-based collections database system that is used for other taxonomic data portals. Both portals work closely with iDigBio, which supports digitization efforts associated with the NSF-ADBC program (e.g., servers, workshops, technically support).
This website is the central data portal for LepNet; all other project information can be found on our project website, it provides content that complements the data, including How-To-Guides and network updates.
LepNet currently serves over 690,772 records for Lepidoptera and 151,355 specimens imaged (12/26/16).
This project made possible by National Science Foundation Awards DBI 1602081, 1600937, 1601888, 1601369, 1601002, 1600774, 1600616, 1601957, 1601275, 1601164, 1601124, 1601659, 1600556, 1600824, 1601443, and 1601461