Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN): A Data Portal Built to Visualize, Manipulate, and Export Species Occurrences

The Symbiota Collections of Arthropods Network (SCAN) grew from the Southwest Collections of Arthropods Network TCN (Thematic Collections Network), which focuses on ground-dwelling arthropods. SCAN will continue to add data for all arthropod taxa with a focus on North America. SCAN is built on Symbiota, a web-based collections database system that is used for other taxonomic data portals, including (Symbiota Portals). SCAN is the primary repository for occurrence data produced by the Lepidoptera of North America Network TCN (LepNet). We also serve arthropod data produced by InvertEBAse TCN and encourage museums to serve mollusk records on their data portal.
Important features of all Symbiota databases include:
  1. Easy web-based data entry.
  2. Download entire datasets in two clicks.
  3. Map georeferenced records in two clicks.
  4. Upload high-resolution images & create species profile pages.
  5. Design custom species lists for any locality at multiple scales.
  6. Develop educational games with data.
  7. Create taxonomic keys.
The key organizational feature is that each museum or project is listed as a separate collection, so that one database group does not interfere with another. End users can select all "collections", or just a subset. This website is the central data portal for SCAN; all other project information can be found here, including How-To-Guides and network updates.
SCAN currently serves over 8.8 million records and 380,000 images.
The National Science Foundation
This project made possible by National Science Foundation Award EF 1207371