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  Arizona State University Hasbrouck Insect Collection (ASU) more info
  C.P. Gillette Museum of Arthropod Diversity (CSU) more info
  Colorado Plateau Museum of Arthropod Biodiversity (NAU) more info
  Denver Museum of Nature & Science (DMNS) more info
  Entomology Collection at the Natural History Museum of Utah (UMNH) more info
  Gregory P. Setliff Collection - Kutztown University (GPSC) more info
  Hymenoptera Institute Collection (UKY-HIC) more info
  Monte L. Bean Life Science Museum, Arthropod Collection (BYU) more info
  Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University (MCZ) more info
  Museum of Southwestern Biology, Division of Arthropods (UNM) more info
  National Park Collections at Colorado State University (CSU) more info
  National Park Collections at Northern Arizona University (NAU) more info
  New Mexico State Collection of Arthropods (NMSU) more info
  Scarab Central: World Scarabaeoidea (UNL) more info
  Texas A&M University Insect Collection (TAMU) more info
  Texas Tech University - Invertebrate Zoology (TTU) more info
  University of Arizona Insect Collection (UA) more info
  University of Colorado Museum of Natural History Entomology Collection (UCB) more info
  Utah Department of Agriculture and Food Entomology Collection (UDAF) more info

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Moth Observations Database
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